Recently I was searching the web for some orchestra samples when it occurred to me that I should be creating my own sample library.

I spend most of my studio time trying to come up fragments that I can use to build a complete piece of music. Usually I start with a small idea and try to keep adding to it until I have something I’m happy with. When I start, the big picture is not always clear to me, and I frequently will go in one direction for a while before giving up and trying something else. This means I’m sitting on a large – and growing – collection of licks, two bar phrases, drum samples, and other cool sounds. Some of these are not being used for much of anything, and others I use quite a lot. So why shouldn’t I make them available to other musicians? It would be really neat if someone else thought something I created was worth using in one of their projects.

To this end, I’ve added a sample library to this site. There isn’t much hear at the moment, but it will grow steadily over time. Any musical artifact that I think sounds good on its own will be added here. These samples are free for you to use. If you find them useful in your own project, I’d love to hear about it.

Click here to enter the sample library

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