The collection of songs in this EP are the result of several months of experimenting in my studio as I work out the sound and direction I want Without Surrender to take. I have lots of ideas, but turning those ideas into music is hard.

With the hopes of making it a little easier, I set a goal for myself to write, record, and release a handful of tracks. They didn’t have to be great, but they had to be complete. Starting something is easy, but finishing is a lot harder. I have dozens and dozens of music projects in various states that I’ve accumulated over the 20 plus years I’ve been making music, but very few of them has ever reached a point where I would share them with others. It would be a big personal victory if I could create an EP of new music and actually release it.

The Far End of Never is the result. These tracks are far from perfect, and they are not necessarily an indication of what my next project will sound like. I’d like to think of the as a first step towards something better.

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