I’ve got some pretty cool news. Will Brack, my longtime friend and musical collaborator, has released his first solo album. It’s called Wanderlust, and it’s very cool. Check it out at Will’s website.

Will’s a really talented multi-instrumentalist who has been slaving away on this album for the better part of the last year. As you can tell from listening, his influences come from everywhere: jazz, hip-hop, pop, and maybe even a little rock (though he’d never admit it). The whole album is pretty damn good, but I’m partial to Prologue (those vocals are killer), Back the Funk Off (with Funkmeister James hisself on bass), and Just Takes a Little Time, which I got to contribute to. If you listen closely, that’s me playing guitar. I’m thrilled to have been a part of this record, even in such a small way.

And get this- the folks at Stereofox love the album too.

Will’s inspired me to get moving on my own music. Maybe next time I’ll be lucky to have him contribute to my album.

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